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What Failing Marketers Miss In Requesting Joint Ventures

     As I travel from seminar to seminar, and meet people new to internet marketing, I witness a lot of people quickly discovering the power of setting up joint ventures.

  Many of these people understand that if they could get large list owners (and people with busy websites) to recommend their products, they could make a lot of sales really fast.

  They understand that one big joint venture partner can make or break a product launch.

  They understand that one successful product launch can propel them to an incredible level of success.

  So the light bulb comes on, and the marketers start trying to figure out how to set up join ventures. They start tracking down prospects left and right, and frantically trying to set up those lucrative joint ventures.

  However, most of the newer internet marketers completely miss the most important part. They neglect to consider what the wants and needs of their potential joint venture partners are. T

  hey "know" that they have a great product (or a great product idea) and they believe that a lot of people will want and benefit from it.

  They also believe that all of the potential joint venture partners on their "hit list" will absolutely love their joint venture proposals.

  What they fail to consider is:   1) These potential joint partners already have projects that they are launching -their own or their clients.'
  2) These potential joint venture partners already have their own products that they are trying to sell and are even looking for joint partners for.
  3) These joint venture partners are often constantly being approached by dozens of others seeking the same type of joint ventures that you seek.
  4) These potential joint venture partners, if they are in the same niche, may already have a product that competes directly with yours.

  Identifying these all-to-common mistakes, you can now avoid making them, and in the process dramatically increase your chances of getting a "YES" to your joint venture proposal.

  Just having that knowledge gives you a huge potential advantage over the hordes of others seeking joint ventures with the same potential joint venture partners.

  However, having that knowledge is not enough - you need to actually use it.

  Setting up lucrative joint ventures is not really an insurmountable challenge. It just involves framing your offer in terms of how it will benefit your potential joint venture partners.

  It has to answer the question "Why would I spend time promoting your products rather than focusing on my own?"

  Very few less-experienced internet marketers answer that questionFree Reprint Articles, or are even aware that this is what's really on potential joint venture partners' minds.

  Now you have a distinct advantage. You know what many marketers miss in requesting joint ventures. Your next step is to use that knowledge. It really is that simple.